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How to buy a Moroccan rug ?

We all know that a Moroccan colorful rug is the best way to enrich any interior, to add softness and warmth and make the place very special. With so many options and millions of offers around the world, it became so hard to know which kind to go for and how to spot the real Moroccan rug.

Here are some tips for buying a Berber Moroccan rug in Morocco :

* In case you missed this point, in the Moroccan Rugs Souk you need to bargain for your rug.

* Have an idea of colors that you do or do not like, Patterns and size.
* Start by narrowing down the rugs you do prefer More.

* The place you are viewing the rug in is likely to be a lot bigger than the interior the rug will go in at home. So, it might seems small on the floor, but it is just the prefect size for your Interior, and always better having the exact sizes of the rug you need.

* Check if it is a real Wool or not, especially in a tradition market, getting a real wool rug or a synthetic is to hold up a lighter to one of the loose edges. If it doesn’t light or puts itself out it’s wool. If it ignites it’s synthetic.

* don’t ask for prices until you find something that you do like.

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