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How to buy a Moroccan rug ?

We all know that a Moroccan colorful rug is the best way to enrich any interior, to add softness and warmth and make the place very special. With so many options and millions of offers around the world, it became so hard to know which kind to go for and how to spot the real Moroccan rug. Here are some tips for buying a Berber Moroccan rug in Morocco : * In case you missed this point, in the Moroccan Rugs Souk you need to bargain for your rug. * Have an idea of colors that you do or do not like, Patterns and size.* Start by narrowing down the rugs you do prefer More. * The place you are viewing...

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How to clean Moroccan rugs ?

Vacuuming You can Vacuum your Berber rug frequently. But do not use a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar or rotating brush on it. This will cause fuzzing, fraying, tearing and shredding. It will ruin Berber rugs. Your rug should be cleaned with vacuum that uses suction only. The more suction the better. When it comes to vacuuming your wool rugs, you can use a vacuum without beater bar to gently clean the wool rug for a maximum of 4 times a month.Beater bars are great for lifting dirt out of synthetic fibers, but very harsh on wool, which sheds easily because of it.To clean your rug everyday or every 2 days, you can dust it off from time...

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How to shop best Moroccan rugs online ?

There are millions of Moroccan rugs for sale online, which make difficult to know where is the best shop, the tips to not be scammed are simple: - Always try to exchange with a real person. - Look for shops who has minimum 5 to 6 different picture of the same rug. - The shop should sale through a website. - The best shop is the one who use more than 3 social networks, especially Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. - The shop should have more than 3 Payments Methods. - Always try to use WhatsApp while exchanging with the shop. - Always ask if the person with whom you are exchanging is the owner, the owner is the best person...

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How to choose the best Moroccan colorful rug ?

The Berber women are influenced by the legends of the Berber tribe where they were raised, thing that constitutes the art of the rug weaving in morocco. Each symbol, motif or pattern tells something special and means a story or a souvenir for the weaver. Those souvenirs could be celebration, marriage, birth, wish of fertility, or just a need of supply during the winter season. Buying a Moroccan rug is taking home a unique happy or sad story and sending happiness to someone that you may never met, but you know and he knows that you have changed his or her life by buying just one Berber Moroccan rug. At Oun!zZ We offer the best selection of moroccan rugs, and we...

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How to buy a vintage Berber Moroccan rug ?

The Importance of AGE is what matters! A Vintage rug Means old, wild, used and hosted by Berber families before the 1990s, when the rug is vintage or mid-century the one and important thing for you to look for is the sign of past life, I mean by that all the damages, and the fact that the rug is worn out, if you are able to see the age on the rug it means that you found your Moroccan Vintage Berber Rug. Nowadays, there are hundreds of producers who are selling new Handwoven rugs; very well washed, and faded in a very special techniques as a Vintage Moroccan and Less colorful rugs to the worldwide market. Check here our large...

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