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About us

OunizZ | Brand Story
Although OunizZ was launched in Marrakech at the end of 2019, our story goes back millennia to when the first Berber rugs were created in the 7th century. Drawing on the romance of history, traditional craftsmanship, and a commitment to creating an equitable future for the women who weave Moroccan rugs, OunizZ was created to share the story of Morocco with the world.
With a focus on empowerment, sustainability, and heritage, we’re committed to stocking ethically-made fair trade rugs woven from cruelty-free sheep’s wool. In addition, our highly-skilled weavers have over four decades of experience in handwoven textiles, representing ancient wisdom passed down by generations of powerful women.
OunizZ is a story of love—for Morocco, her traditions, and her people—written by our founders for the country they hold dear. Each of our rugs is custom-created to tell a unique story about our history, heritage, and land. This is ours.
Celebrate Morrocco’s Rich History
OunizZ founders, Sonia and Oussama, share a deep love for beauty and nature, both of which are abundant in Morocco. From snow-capped mountains and untouched deserts, to pristine beaches and ephemeral wetlands, OunizZ is on a mission to share the country’s hidden gems through exceptionally crafted Moroccan rugs, Beni Ourain rugs, and Boujaad rugs.
Sonia was working in the hospitality industry when the pandemic swept the world. The thousands of travelers who journeyed to Morocco each year were unable to buy the one-of-a-kind handmade items that enriched the local economy, while weavers (some of them Sonia’s family members) were unable to sell their textiles and put food on their tables.
When Sonia lost her hospitality job, she realized she could uplift hundreds of women, returning their financial independence and ability to practice the craft they had honed over decades. She and her husband Oussama founded OunizZ with the vision of transforming the industry and exporting Moroccan rugs to the world and, within a year, the company grew into the largest exporter of rugs in the country.
Bringing Transparency to the Moroccan Textile Industry
While Moroccan rugs have grown in demand over the past few decades, the art form has been under threat. This is because the overwhelming majority of companies selling Moroccan rugs online are not the makers—instead, they are intermediaries who buy rugs at low prices.
Moroccan rugs are traditionally made in rural areas with little access to education and employment. Many of these weavers do not know the market value of the rugs they create. As a result, the women who create Moroccan rugs become invisible in the industry, seldom benefitting from their sales and rarely making enough to sustain their families.
At OunizZ, we don’t—and never will—source rugs through intermediaries. Instead, we work directly with weavers to ensure they are paid fairly. Our Moroccan rugs, Beni Ourain rugs, and Boujaad rugs are custom-made for OunizZ, and crafted in our weavers' own homes, where they work with their mothers, sisters, and daughters. This empowers them to pass on generational wisdom while working at their own rhythm and caring for their families and communities.
Welcome the Spirit of Morocco to Your Home
Beyond our commitment to creating an equitable industry that champions economic security and uplifts the custodians of the tradition, we believe that Moroccan rugs are an ode to the country’s rich history. We see it as our duty to protect and share it with the world.
Our Moroccan rugs are available in countless sizes, colors, and patterns, each informed by the areas in which they are woven. From the thick shag rugs created in colder regions to the flatweave rugs originally crafted by nomadic tribes, each Moroccan rug tells a unique story about geography, heritage, and the weavers’ artistic expression.
Whether you want to make a bold statement with a bright Moroccan rug or complement your space with a handwoven neutral rug, shop the OunizZ range of ethically-made fair trade Boujaad rugs, Beni Mrirt rugs, Beni Ouarian rugs, Azilal rugs, and vintage rugs for long-lasting works of art that elevate any space.