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Customized mixed AROME x CHALHA x GRICA | 8x6 Ft | Moroccan Rug | 100% wool handmade - OunizZ
Customized mixed AROME x CHALHA x GRICA | 8x6 Ft | Moroccan Rug | 100% wool handmade - OunizZ
Customized mixed AROME x CHALHA x GRICA | 8x6 Ft | Moroccan Rug | 100% wool handmade - OunizZ

Customized mixed AROME x CHALHA x GRICA | 8x6 Ft | Moroccan Rug | 100% wool handmade

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  • Origin: High Atlas Mountains MOROCCO
  • Design: Berber
  • Materials: Natural dyed Wool
  • Weave: Tied, Buckled, Twisted
  • Handmade 100%
  • Dimensions: 8 Ft * 6 Ft
  • Shipping: free worldwide shipping via DHL or FEDEX

    Customized model.

    Please note that this model is not available on the store for the moment, and will be customized just for you in a period between 6 to 8 weeks after receiving payment. A custom made model can't be canceled or refunded unless the object is not ready after the time specified above or the item doesn't match the picture.
    Customer Requests :
    - Main design : AROME ( rug 2 ) & CHALHA ( Rug 3 ).
    From AROME we will use the 3 first diamonds and remove the last yellow diamond.
    We will remove the black dots and use the patterns from CHALHA ( rug 2).
    - Colors : the background will be white, the tassels will be pink as GRICA ( rug 1), the patterns from CHALHA ( rug 3 ) will be in : Lavender, Pink, Baby blue, yellow, orange, red, dark blue, black ( the colors are listed by order of importance, the first are the most used the last are the less used).
    - Fringes from both sides.
    - Size : 8x6.
    - Time : 6 to 8 weeks.
    The fantastic Azilal Rug, each one of those beauty rugs has a story and a unique design, every part of this rug is handmade by women in Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
    It is a mix of colors, a mix of two materials, wool and cotton with a lot of love. That is why Azilal are usually very soft and warm. It is suitable with all styles.
    One rug takes lot of time and effort, but can tells a story of life, a story of a woman somewhere in the world trying to make her life and the one of her children better. In the heart of Azilal tribe, located in Demnat a Moroccan Berber region, one of richest parts of the Atlas Mountains, are made those pieces of arts, inspired from the beautiful flowered mountains and the flowing rivers. Azilal, the most beautiful and colorful rug. handmade for self-use or to be a gift during the winter’s long nights. The Azilal rugs reflects the richness of the region. This type of traditional carpets is usually double sided, the fluffy and warmest side for winter, the other side is for summer.

    You didn't land here by chance! It is the perfect description ever. Please take your time to read important facts about our shop and the merchandise that we sell.

    Arinas is young daughters name of the most talented Berber women who made this colorful vintage soft and warm rug, it is what you need for the moment because Winter is Coming, get ready!!
    She named it Arinas, to make the world aware of her love and sacrifice to her unique daughter.

    You are buying !! this is the only and unique piece.

    We make custom rugs to suit everyone's needs. We do custom choice designs, and rugs of any size or color by request.
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    We will go the extra mile to make sure that you are truly SATISFIED!

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